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250 Dollar

Video Editor, Work Experience: With experience
👷 Freelancer Job/On Demand
Education I Mesem
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City - Zone Tirana - Ali Demi/Tregu Elektrik
Address Rruga Ali Demi Tirane,Shqiperia - Maps
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Video Editor for Company Training Content [Trial for long-term]

What we can offer you
1. Opportunities to work with us on external clients
You'll get to pick which ones work for you without any politics, stress or drama. We manage all of that so you can focus on adding great value.

We mainly work with the largest companies around the world (think Disney, Credit Suisse, Accenture).

2. Multiple internal projects
We have multiple internal projects that you might be interested in. We can talk about the internal projects together, that we think your skill set would be great for and where we know you can add value to.

3. Great working environment
You’ll be welcomed into a supportive and helpful family environment. Everyone is super positive and happy (read our Upwork reviews).

Pick when you want to work. As long as your agreed commitments are delivered to the expected standard, we’ll give you the support and flexibility.

4. Rewards for proactiveness
We may ask you to help us find operational efficiencies - or as you grow with us, you may find some of your own. Let's discuss them, and if they make sense, we'll discuss suitable rewards.

We value great people.

We reward people on trust, loyalty, quality of work and proactiveness financially through more contracts, client opportunities, and/or more exclusive opportunities to partner with us.

5. Many more benefits
There are many more benefits we can offer you, which we can discuss together if you are successful and our collaboration turns into a long term relationship.

What you will do with us
▸ Create company-branded training videos, using either recorded meetings or individual walkthroughs, for footage.
▸ Use and improve our existing templates for content
▸ Edit 3-4 videos/week (minimum) and have them ready to publish
▸ Improve the sound quality of the speaker and remove noise disturbances
▸ Condense the length of the videos and make sure that the lessons from the video are clear for the viewer to understan
▸ Ensure the final video is optimum quality

We will help you by providing.
- Access to facilities (where applicable)
- Quality Acceptance criteria and training
- Active leadership support

What you need to be successful:
We’re a passionate and vibrant team with excellent team morale and a strong family feel. We respect, always protect and support each other. To be successful, you will need to:

1. Be polite, friendly and positive
Please do not apply, if you struggle with saying ''please'' and ''thank you'' - thank you.

2. Supportive and patient
We all want to learn from each other. Sometimes the requirements/solutions are not clear at the start. We’ll work together to find the right way, which will save re-work, stress and frustration.

Be proactive: learn, find answers, and always look to improve. Take notes and apply feedback to help you. We look for you to be honest, open, trustworthy and ethical.

3. Available and dependable
You'll need to be available when you say you are - and dependable for making any meetings, and delivery timelines that are agreed. We don’t like to keep people waiting.

Being dependable also means being reliable and always meeting the deadlines set, but don’t worry, we know sometimes timelines can slip. Manage our expectations by using our simple business software to track tasks and due dates.

4. Be responsible
We need someone who truly cares about the value that they bring. Care for your project, it's your baby and your legacy. All of our successes mean we can better afford to pay and treat you. This is not a job to do the bare minimum and run the clock. Be a part of something great!

Your work represents you and us, so make sure you have a high attention-to-detail and format your work before it’s submitted.

5. Be a great team player
Working together builds trust and stronger relationships. We look for all our family to proactively help others, be social and work together to see each other succeed as a team.

6. Fast
You're already experienced and skilled. We want someone that is quick to listen, ask questions and start adding value within hours, not days or weeks. We'll work together on refining your work over time. Most of our projects are relatively straightforward and logical.

Remember, a good Video Editor could turn around most tasks within a day or two. A great Video Editor could do it within hours and then add more value through their own due diligence.

Type of Work: Remote/Freelance
Target Rate: $11-15/hour

Language: English

Experience Level: With Experience

How to apply:

Send your resume/CV and cover letter to: [email protected]

Only candidates fulfilling due requirements will be contacted by e-mail.

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