Job Offers in Tirana, Profession HR MANAGER , With experience, Payment By Agreement. Tirana

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By Agreement

HR MANAGER, Work Experience: With experience
👷 Full-Time Job/Internal Full Time
Education Bachelor
Age E Pa Percaktuar
City - Zone Tirana - Zone Periferike
Address Rruga 29 Nentori, Tirane - Maps
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📣 MERCURE HOTEL offers workplace as:


✅Candidates should have :

📌 Minimum 3 years as an HR Executive / HR Coordinator

✅ Demonstrated knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point and other office programs at upper intermediate level is required;

👉 Proven ability to maintain professionalism in a highly confidential environment and to deal
with all colleagues with tact, diplomacy and warmth.

📍 Adress: 
Rruga 29 Nentori, Tirane

📞 Contact us on our phone number or email adress if you are interested.