Apartment for sale in Tirana 2+1, Emty, 2.32 km from city center Tirana

House for Sale 20/11/2023 21:14 Post ID: 197865


565,001 Euro

Room | Kitchen 2+1, Emty   
Square Feet 90.00 m2 with 1 Toilete
Floor Apartment Floor 3 with 1 Elevator
Property Invest Can be rented monthly approx: 2339 Euro
Distances 2.32 km from city center
City - Zone Tirana - Blloku/Liqeni Artificial
Address Rruga Ibrahim Rugova Tirane,Shqiperia - Maps
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The House for Sale is located in Tirana city, in the "Blloku/Liqeni Artificial" area and is 2.32 km from city center.
This House for Sale is on the 3 floor and has an area of 90 m2, 2+1 (Room | Kitchen) and the furniture for this house is "Emty"