House for Rent Apartment in Tirana, 2+1, Furniture Furnished, Payment 600 Euro. Tirana

House for Rent 15/08/2023 06:16 Post ID: 164039


600 Euro

Room | Kitchen 2+1, Furnished   (For 5 people maximum).
Square Feet 85.00 m2 with 1 Toilete
Floor Apartment Floor 6 with 1 Elevator
Property Invest Such properties cost approx: 174,785 Euro
Distances 1.64 km from city center
City - Zone Tirana - Stacioni trenit/Rruga e Dibres
Address Rruga Siri Kodra Tirane,Shqiperia - Maps
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Ndodhet ne katin e 5 te nje pallati me ashensor.
Organizohet ne sallon, dy dhoma gjumi, nje tualet dhe nje ballkon.
Apartamenti jepet i mobiluar me te gjitha elektroshtëpiaket e nevojshme.
Zona e qendres i ofron te gjitha facilietet per te banuar.
2+1 apartment for rent near Selvise. It is located on the 5th floor of a building with an elevator. It is organized in a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a balcony. The apartment is furnished with all the necessary electrical appliances. The center area offers all the facilities for living. For a visit to the property, contact me.