Land for sale in Sauk Tirana

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33,000 Euro

  • Land for sale in Sauk
  • Land for sale in Sauk

Payment 33,000 Euro
Superficie 0.50 Dynym (Ose 500 m2)
Lloji i Tokes Toke Bujqesore
Citta - Zona Tirana - Sauk
Indirizzo Farke e Vogel, Albania - Mappa
Letture 682

Land for sale in Sauk
Land area 475 m2.
Certificate of ownership.
50 m from the main road.
Very quiet place and i
suitable for living.
[▪The earth is within the yellow line▪]
《[▪ ~ Certified by study in the EU
-Parcela is located in Area A (Residence) ~ ▪]》
[▪It immediately returns to the ground when applying for a Building Permit, under the new Law that has been issued ... no longer with DCM▪
Developing area where it is built.
Favorable geographical position.
I also accept a car within the price

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