Sector Supervisor, Cards & ATMs Reconciliation Sector Tirana

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Pozicioni Sector Supervisor, Cards & ATMs Reconciliation Sector
Arsimi Bachelor
Mosha E Pa Percaktuar
Qyteti - Zona Tirana - 21 Dhjetori/Rruga e Kavajes
Adresa Rruga e Kavajes, Nr 27/1, Njesia Administrative 10, K P 1001, Tirane, Shqiperi, Tirane - Harta
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We are seeking to recruit: An experienced and very dynamic, professional employee, in the position of Sector Supervisor, Cards & ATMs Reconciliation Sector.

Job purpose: Responsible for reconciliation, identification and closure off differences for all internal and external bank accounts related to ATM, cards and e-banking activity.

Direct Reports to:  Department Manager

Main Responsibilities:

  • Prepare reconciliation reports for the accounting regarding card-based transactions.
  • Assures and responsible for different types of reports required by the Bank, Bank of Albania, Third Parties (VISA) etc.
  • Identify all the transactions (from debit and credit cards) in each corresponding suspense account in the GL.
  • Identifies if the transactions are automatically performed in the appropriate manner.
  • Involves (back up) in the PIN application processing and delivery to the branches.
  • Reports pending and not settled transactions on a monthly basis.
  • Administrates, checks and confirms the reconciliation including VISA settlement agents.
  • Performs the reconciliation of the card suspense GL accounts using the Processor files and Core Banking System report.
  • Inform/Import in CMS and inform processor for updates exchange rates.
  • Control filling up process of ATM.
  • Control reversed transaction in ATM.
  • E-banking PIN mail generation and delivery to Branch.
  • Prepare report for mistakes done in branches related to E-Banking activity.
  • Daily reconciliation of e-banking transactions (Halcom Platform vs CBS).
  • Performs other jobs that the Bank assigns to him/her.

Formal Criteria:

  • University degree in, finance, economics, banking, marketing or related field;
  • Excellent command of English language;
  • PC literacy;
  • At least 3 years’ experience in ATM and card business or accounting;

Required skillset:

  • Excellent analytical and communication skills;
  • Accounting knowledge;
  • Knowledge on the card reconciliation process;
  • A positive attitude to his/her responsibilities and duties as well as to the advices   and recommendations from the Management

Required values:

  • Integrity and confidentiality
  • Positivity
  • Commitment

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